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Metatarsalgia is a painful condition that affects the ball of the foot and can be caused by a variety of factors. One minimally invasive treatment

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Flat Foot Repair

Do you have a flat foot with pain at the inside of your ankle? Many times, this is due to posterior tibial tendinitis. The posterior

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Sports Medicine

One of the most exciting possibilities for MIS surgery is to combine ankle arthroscopy with ligament repair and reconstruction. Ankle sprains are common and generally

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An arthroscopy is a diagnostic procedure used to evaluate the health of problem joints – particularly those in the knees, shoulders, wrists, hips and back.

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Fracture Care

Fractures occur every day among people of all ages. In most cases, bones naturally heal on their own with little or no medical intervention. But

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Therapeutic Injections

Coming Soon Therapeutic injections are joint injections administered for the relief of chronic pain and inflammation. They are used in patients who are experiencing either

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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition defined by inflammation of the plantar fascia – a thick tissue that connects between the heel bone, across the bottom

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heel pain christopher miller orthopedic

Heel Pain

The heel is the largest bone in the foot and responsible for bearing the weight of the entire body. Many people develop heel pain at

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hammertoe christopher miller orthopedic


Hammertoe is a foot condition in which one or more toes is abnormally bent. These foot deformities occur as a result of injury or long-term

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flat feet christopher miller orthopedic


Flatfeet is a condition defined by the lack of an arch on the inside of the feet. Instead, the foot is flat and touches the

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bunions christopher miller orthopedic


Bunions are bone deformations that form on the foot where it joins the big toe. They develop over time, gradually getting bigger and sticking out

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ankle pain christopher miller orthopedic

Ankle Pain

The ankles are complicated joints comprised of several different bones, tendons and ligaments. Together, these components facilitate movement and bear the weight of the entire

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charcot christopher miller orthopedic

Charcot Foot

Charcot foot is a condition in which the bones and joints of the foot are weakened, resulting in deformity over time. The condition is progressive

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Sports Foot Injury

An athlete’s feet are under a lot of stress, making them especially susceptible to injury. When athletes push their bodies to perform, they put pressure

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tendonitis christopher miller orthopedic


The tendons are special tissues that connect the bones to the muscles. When tendons are put under repetitive stress or suffer a direct injury, they

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