Bunions and Hammer toes


Many patients will present with a bunion deformity, which is a painful bump at the base of the great toe. These will worsen over time and may become very limiting to patients. When non-operative treatments no long work, your surgeon may recommend repair of the bunion with a minimally invasive technique. The benefit of this technique is that you can often walk on your heel and side of your foot as early as the day after surgery. Many of our patients are in regular shoes within a month. Finally, because of the small incision size there is often much less pain than with traditional bunion surgery. The pictures demonstrate the before and after of several of our patients who have undergone the procedure with great success. In some cases, a hammer toe was corrected as well.

Hammer toes

These frustrating toe deformities often affect older patients or occur in association with bunions. Sometimes they may be due to posttraumatic changes and contractures. With the MIS techniques, recovery may be faster and with less discomfort. The pictures show a young man with toe contractures who underwent fusion of his toes to straighten them. This was done entirely with MIS techniques and he was able to return to walking within days rather than weeks.