If you feel you are progressing to quickly or are having pain or any concern with an activity please stop, rest and try to advance again after a couple of days. Call my office if you have any concerns.

Time Frame  
0-2 weeks
2-6 weeks
6-8 weeks

8-10 weeks

10-12 weeks

above 12 weeks

Non-weight bearing in splint at all times
Non-weight bearing in a cast or boot with crutches
Transition to walking boot, advance weight bearing with crutches
Begin active range of motion of ankle
Protected Gait training
Avoid inversion
Wean from boot and crutches. May use ankle stirrup brace as needed
Ankle ROM exercises
Gait training
Gentle ankle AROM beginning week 9
General ankle strengthening
No running, but OK for StairMaster, Elliptical, stationary bike
Proprioception and balance training
Plyometric training, sport specific rehab, strengthening,
Proprioception and balance training. Goal to return to sport.
Use lace up ankle brace during sport for 6 months for increased stability and proprioception