If you feel you are progressing to quickly or are having pain or any concern with an activity please stop, rest and try to advance again after a couple of days. Call my office if you have any concerns.

Time Frame  
0-2 weeks
2-4 weeks
4-6 weeks

6-8 weeks

8-10 weeks

10-12 weeks

above 12 weeks

Non weight bearing in splint (on at all times).
Change spint for CAM boot. WBAT in boot with wedge, begin PT. Avoid eversion past neutral.
AROM/AAROM for inversion, no resistance for inversion. No eversion past neutral. In line ankle ROM is OK. Remove wedges from boot.
Transition to PTTD Brace with shoe. Weight bearing as tolerated.
PT for AROM/AAROM. Begin inversion with therabands
Standing balance excercises with 25% weight on good foot for balance
Gentle forward lunges
Begin leg presses on weight machine (ie. Total gym) with bilateral squats and double heel rises with the plane of the bench at 30 deg elevation from supine and gradually increase incline until week 12-14
Wean from brace to regular shoe with arch supporting orthotic. OK to begin attempting single heel rise after 3 months.