If you feel you are progressing to quickly or are having pain or any concern with an activity please stop, rest and try to advance again after a couple of days. Call my office if you have any concerns.

Time Frame  
0-2 weeks
2-4 weeks

4-6 weeks

6-8 weeks

8-12 weeks

above 12 weeks

Non weight bearing in splint or boot with heel lift (on at all times).
Partial weight bearing in boot with crutches and heel lift, PT (active dorsiflexion to neutral).
Modalities to control swelling
Hip/Knee exercises with no ankle involvement
Non-weight bearing exercises (one leg bicycle, arm cycle, etc)
Hydrotherapy within motion and weight bearing limitations
Progress to weight bearing as tolerated in boot w/ heel lift.
Remove bottom wedge. Continue as above
Remove heel lift. Weight bearing as tolerated in boot.
Active dorisiflexion stretching, slowly. No passive stretching.
Graduated resistance exercises
(open and closed kinetic chair, functional activities)
Proprioceptive and gait retraining
Scar mobilization (if operative)
May begin biking, elliptical, walking on treadmill/stairmaster
Wean from boot. May need crutches when out of boot, if so wean gradually. Continue ROM, strength training and proprioception with PT.
Advance PT with strength power endurance, plyometric exercise, sport specific training. From here on out, you can generally start pushing to return to full activities. Goal to return to full activities and sport by 6 months.