If you feel you are progressing to quickly or are having pain or any concern with an activity please stop, rest and try to advance again after a couple of days. Call my office if you have any concerns.

Time Frame  
0-2 weeks

3-6 weeks

7-10 weeks

11-12 weeks

13-16 weeks

above 17 weeks

WBAT, dorsiflexion/plantar flexion exercises. Hip/Knee ROM core strength. Keep elevated as much as possible to decrease swelling.
Lace up brace, continue to elevate as needed for swelling.
Stationary bike, begin inversion/eversion, continue to work on  hip/knee/core exercises. Proprioception for ankle.
Continue to use ankle brace in regular shoe
Stationary bike, ROM as tolerated with inversion/eversion/DF/PF
Continue core/hip/knee strengthening exercises
Regular shoe, brace, continue strengthening, work on proprioception
Gait training, muscle stimulation as needed
Brace, regular shoe
Continue proprioception, begin lunges, squats, toe raises
Begin jumping, running as tolerated
Activity specific training, return to full play, continue brace as needed